The Gramercy originally began as the Federal Land Bank of Louisville serving District Number 4 which included the States of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Finished in 1929 and designed by the architectural firm D. X. Murphy & Bro. the building’s details reflect its agricultural importance as seen in various motifs, such as tobacco leaf detailed moldings and the watchful cherubs in the stunning barrel vaulted ceiling.


In the 1960s the building housed O.G. Wilson & Son’s, a prominent jewelry and department store many still remember to this day.


During the 1980’s the building underwent a major renovation where three additional stories were added to the building the the second floor mezzanine was converted to complete a full second level. A number of years  later, this level was re-envisioned and create what is now known as The Gramercy.

In the Past

Present Day

The Gramercy today with full decor provided by our in-house design team.

 O.G. Wilson Department Store

in the 1960s .

Federal Land Bank (Outside) 1930

Federal Land Bank (Inside) 1930

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